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With the Octave Music Streaming Platform we plan to completely revolutionize the music industry. Artists will be able to grow and earn more than ever before. Labels will have an easier way to manage and develope their artists. Listeners will be able to participate in one of the first Listen-To-Earn platforms.

What is Octave?

Octave is the first Listen-to-Earn Music Streaming Platform being developed. Everyone will be able to access this streaming platform and listen to their favorite music and subscribe for additional features on the web-based and mobile applications to be released. Members of our own and partnered NFT communities will be able to earn a real Web3 experience using our platform. An experience like no other.

Our Purpose?

The ENTIRE purpose of Octave is to free music. The music industry today is not ideal. As if it were being manufactured at factories and stored on shelves as processed items for us to consume. Octave will be a TRUE platform for music. It allows artists to express themselves more freely and be as creative as they want without feeling pressured to fit in. Regulating labels to build a more trustworthy business relationship with them and not letting them get in the way of the creativity of music. Giving producers a place to experiment, find other people to collaborate with, and make things never before heard. Truly giving music its own renaissance with the help of Web3.

Platform features

We are working diligently to provide revolutionary utility through our platform. Our goal is not only to bring music to the Web3 space but to also bring and develop an abundance of resources to our users regardless of the use case. A more focused social space, to increase the engagement of music in the digital space and facilitate more seamless collaboration within the music industry between artists, producers, and labels. A launch program for underprivileged artists in need of resources and financial assistance through their adoring fans. Educational material for artists, producers and independent labels on multiple aspects of not only the practical application of music but also the business. Seasonal pass rewards for loyal platform subscribers. An on-platform marketplace that supports not only our community but also many others. Multi-layered user and music authentication in order to prevent fraud and piracy.

Future Plans?

The Octave music platform will grow into an ecosystem to provide a new experience within music. From something as basic as easy access to a personalized musical library and streaming service through a Web-Based and Mobile Application to the more ambitious annual music festivals.

Our Team?

Daniyal Chaudhry [DGNDAN], Javier Ovalles [LilDERC], and Anru Colmenar [itsKamatis] are the founders of Octave. We have a small team of 8 with varying unique skills to help develop the platform. A small collection of passionate partners in both the Web3 space and the music industry.

Personal Founders

We have been developing and studying the platform and this new digital space for close to a year now. We grow more optimistic with our success with every passing day. Day in and day out we have done nothing but put our ALL into this, made sacrifices both personally and financially just to get the opportunity to build something we feel can change the world of music and Web3 as we know it. The passion towards our goal will NEVER die, the drive to deliver to those who believe in our dream will NEVER subside, the commitment to the platform can ONLY be compared to as do or die. That is our promise to you.

The Collection

10,000 unique digital buddies that support artists and freeing creativity. Join them as they are working hard to transform the music industry.

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Our Plan in Phases


If two heads are better than one, 10,000 heads should be way better! Join our community.

About Octave

The first Listen-to-Earn platform done right. Octave rewards its listeners by making a deeper connection with their favorite artists and every minute spent listening goes towards IRL rewards.


Balancing the scales and releasing music from 'Industry Standards.' Music has no standards, just genres. Creativity shouldn't be controlled or restricted. Octave plans to make a free environment where music can flourish and those who enjoy it can be rewarded.

Meet The Team

The team is full of music enthusiasts. More than that, it's full of young, driven, and hardworking entrepenuers. The idea of Octave started with this team who's only goal is to build the BEST platform out there.

  • Daniyal Chaudhry


  • Anru Colmenar


  • Javier Ovalles

    Co-Founder/Director of Software

  • Justin Cannon

    Director of Designs

  • Droptpackets

    Solidity Contract Dev

  • A.J.

    Marketing Director

  • BirdPerson

    Community Manager

  • Gerda


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